Having worked in the engineering field for the past 3 years, I have sensed the lack of certain skills and knowledge that are necessary for a manager nowadays. I choose to pursue the management skills at KIMBA to broaden my way of thinking.  KIMBA was a very good choice for me, giving me a better understanding of various business topics and industries. I have learned much more than I expected from both outstanding professors and guest speakers with academic and business background. KIMBA build me an ability to look at issues from different perspectives which gave me a better understanding on the complexity and company processes outside my area of direct influence or responsibility. In additionally, I also acquired a professional vocabulary in English that turns me into an equal and respected discussion partner when talking to the top management. KIMBA also gave me experiences from assignments and activities, either something which I could apply in the job context or something which refined my general business understanding and mindset. I am very grateful to everything KIMBA has offered me.

Namo Boonsanong