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Kasetsart International MBA program
The premier International MBA Program

KIMBA is the right choice for the student being interested in broadening his or her global business perspective.

Why is KIMBA ?

KIMBA is but one of five prestigious MBA programs offered by the Faculty of Business administration, Kasetsart University. Our university has long been an innovator and quality crafter in higher management education in Thailand. As an example of this, KIMBA is designed for tomorrow’s successful business leaders and this has been done through a good combination of teaching, case study analyses, seminars, technical visits, and other optimum learning strategies. Its courses are taught by experienced instructors who come from world- renowned universities both domestic and overseas.

Why this program ?

KIMBA offers a distinctive education with affordable tuition fees. The program prepares students for the challenges of a global career by providing a solid foundation in the key business disciplines and in the wide ranges of management issues with which it deals. Also, it deals with these in up-to-date approaches and methodologies as they come to the fore in national and international contexts. Most importantly too, it blends the business fundamentals stressed in our MBA program with regional studies and cultural awareness. Our products are thus men and women who are sensitive to a wide array of challenges and who will be quick to take advantage of modern, rapidly changing global opportunities.

Why the global/regional and inter-cultural approaches ?

KIMBA can offer a unique cross-cultural educational experience that will prepare you for a successful career in international business. As a KIMBA student you are be able to spend some weeks in a selected country for completing your independent studies and attending seminars and technical visits. This is a further opportunity for you to cultivate intercultural skills. Our path will also give you insight into the nuances of other countries’ business environments.

Why the emphases on personal and collective cooperation ?

KIMBA students are already an impressive group of individuals. Each of them has demonstrated an ability to excel academically, lead effectively, and to use their strong interpersonal skills and thus realize to the full individual managerial potential. Yet, these individuals also know how to pull together as a team. Though they have been eager to make the Program reflect their interests and ideas they have demonstrated respect for one another, for their professors and for our multi-faceted Thai and global environment.