Trishna GURUNG

                    Having worked for many years in utility company ,  there was a need for me to upgrade my knowledge and skill set as a manager for which I had come to KIMBA to pursue MBA course. KIMBA has been awesome in terms of providing good learning experience with practical case studies , good international exposure and meeting new friends from diverse culture .. it has given me so much learning experience and has broaden my knowledge base which I will definitely try to unlearn whatever best I could capture with my peers and contribute in my own small ways to the development of my country . Thailand has been my second home and have welcomed me with so much warmth and hospitality ! KIMBA with their outstanding professors and speakers , has helped me upgrade my professional skill set to match with this competitive world and has definitely helped me to become a better manager in my company . I will remain grateful to KIMBA and Thai government for everything that has been offered to me .

Trishna Gurung (Batch 21)